Trained as an illustrator at the Liverpool School of Art during the 1960’s and later attending Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art Dundee.
The villages, lochs, canals, mountains, shorelines and seascapes of the Highlands, with their seasonal colour changes, vibrant sunrises and sunsets, and varied cloud formations, are a constant source of inspiration.
Many of my finished canvases have a looser, richer texture and depth to them, with my style of painting techniques influenced by post- impressionists of Kandinsky and Durain and more recently, of David Hockney and Kurt Jackson.
My paintings of the Highland landscapes are based on illustrations painted ‘en plein air’ with water colours, acrylic inks and pastels in my many sketch books.
These sketches form the basis for the studio paintings, with my choice of media being acrylic paints, acrylic inks and pastels, - mixed media. The completed canvases are of various sizes, presented framed and with sometimes an unusual mounted style, ready to hang.
It is my intention to challenge the viewer’s imagination by my interpretation of the Highland landscape in compositions of vibrant colours, tones and shapes.